Terms of Use

1. Applying the terms
These terms of use describe the contract between the service user and the service provider (sole propietor Lasse Haverinen). The user accepts these terms in whole when he/she even partially uses the service.
2. Basic terms
2.1. The user is solely responsible of all the actions taken with the his user account. The user is responsible of safeguarding his account login information.
2.2. The service provider expects good conduct from all the users. As a user you shall not abuse or disrupt the service and not impersonate any other person within the service.
2.3 The use of the service for any illegal purposes is completely prohibited. The user agrees to follow the Finnish law regarding the use of the service (includes without limits all immaterial and copy rights).
2.4 The user is not allowed to edit, modify or intentionally hack the service. The user agrees not to edit any other web page, site or application so that it might incorrectly be confused with the service.
2.5 The user will not create and send any unwanted emails or other messages to other service users.
3. Registration and user account security
The user must use only his personal information when registering as a user for the service. The following obligations are applied for user registration and user account security and validity:
3.1. The user must not give false or misleading information for the service. The user must not create an account for any other person than himself without an explicit agreement between the persons.
3.2. The user who creates a new club into the system must have the authority to do so on behalf of the club organization.
3.3 The user is responsible of keeping his personal account information up to date.
3.4 The user agrees not to share his account login information or to allow any other person than himself to use his account or in any other way compromise the privacy of his account.
3.5. The service provider reserves the right to delete or modify user account information if they are inappropriate.
4. General terms
4.1 The service provider reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue the service for any reason or without any required notice. The service provider will keep the users noticed of any changes as good as possible.
4.2. The service provider reserves the right to refuse to offer the service to anyone for any reason and at any time.
4.3. The service provider is not obliged to, but reserves the right to, delete any content and/or account which contain illegal, offending, threatening or in any way inappropriate information or which are breaching these terms.
4.4 The service provider is not actively monitoring the user created content in the service. Users and other parties can inform the service provider of any inappropriate content.
4.5 All clubs who are using the service after the free trial period agree that the continued use is a sign of contract between the club and the service provider. The service provider will charge the price of the service from the club, which have the contract.
4.6 An individual user is not charged for the use of the service. The user is however responsible of any data transfer costs as a whole when he is using the service. This includes all communication costs without limit. The service provider reserves the right to offer additional opt-in paid services for individual users in the future. If such services are offered then their terms of use will be appended to this document. The service provider also reserves the right to display or send targeted advertisement within or through the service.
4.7 These terms are under the jurisdiction of Finnish law and all legal disputes are handled in the Finnish court.
4.8. If any of the section in these terms becomes invalid it will be replaced by new term, which in the best possible way match the original purpose of these terms so that the terms remain in effect in the original scope.
5. Copyrights
5.1 The service provider does not claim ownership to any content created by the user in the service. All rights to any content in the user's account belongs to the user. By creating or uploading content to the service the user gives the service an unlimited, free, worldwide, permanent and irreversible licence for any existing and possible future formats and means within the service and through in the scope of these terms. In practice this means that for example if a club uploads a club logo image to the service then the service has the right to display that image to other users. The user confirms that he has the rights to give the licence.
5.2 The user has the right to cancel and stop using the service at any time. The relevant user account information and data will remain in the system in a limited scope so that any club related data is still available for the club. In this way the service operates like a traditional paper flight log, where a pilot who no longer continues within a club cannot erase his flight logs from club and club plane log books.
5.3 The service abides all existing Finnish copyright laws and decrees. We will process any copyright claims and remove the content which infringes copyrights. Any claim must contain the following information:
5.3.1 The physical or electronic signature of the holder of the copyright owner or agent.
5.3.2 Description of the claimed copyright infringement.
5.3.3 Description of the claimed material and detailed information where the material in question is located within the service.
5.3.4 Contact information including address, phone number and email address.
5.3.5 A statement detailing how the material in question is not covered by the licence given by the user or a representative.
5.3.6 A statement that the information in the claim is up to date and given under perjury that the agent or representative has the rights to act in behalf of the copyright owner.
6. Limits of Responsibility
6.1. The service is available to the users as it is. The service provider gives no guarantee of availability or takes no responsibility of the results or content in the service. The user is aware that there might be software errors in the service or other disruptions affecting availability and usability of the service. In addition to all the above sections the user explicitly agrees that the service provider holds no responsibility in any of the covered or non-covered cases and situations.
6.2 The service provider is not responsible of any direct or indirect, one time or permanent losses or damages, which are caused directly or indirectly by the use of the service or by the incorrect use of the service.
6.3 The only option is to stop using the service if the user does not agree with the terms or has an ongoing claim against the service provider.
7. Privacy
The service has a privacy policy, which details how user information is stored and processed. The privacy policy is part of these terms and by accepting these terms the user also accepts the privacy policy.
8. Changes in the Terms
The service is development continuously. The service provider reserves the right to change these Terms. If there are any substantial changes to the terms the service provider will inform the users. The service provider decides what is an substantial change. If the user does not accept the updated terms of use then the only option the user has is to stop using the service.