Privacy Policy

1. Register owner

Sole propietor Lasse Haverinen

2. Register contact information

Lasse Haverinen
Email: info (├Ąt)

3. Name of the register service user register.

4. Purpose of collecting user information

The personal information can be collected for the following purposes

  • Customer relations
  • Service implementation
  • Confirmation of user events
  • Development of customer service and business
  • Marketing
  • Analytics and statistics
  • User research and market research
  • other similar uses

Any part of personal information is not sold or given to any third party at any time.

5. Register data

The register can contain the following information:

  • Basic information of an individual user such as name, address, language, age, phone number and email
  • Basic information of an flight organization using the service such as name, address, business identity code (or equivalent), bank account number and organisation membership / customer data
  • Data related to invoicing
  • Data related to customer and contract information like products, services and any timestamp data.
  • User identification and login data
  • Data entered by the user
  • Possible any other data collected with the agreement of the user

6. Data sources

The user data sources are the following

  • Directly from the user himself via phone, internet, email or other similar method
  • Cookies and other similar techniques

7. Release and transfer of data

The user can select which flight organizations in the service he wants to be a member of. The flight organization administrator users in those clubs have access to the basic user information. Every club is responsible of managing which users have the administrator privileges in the club.

No data transferred outside the service. The service provider reserves the right to decide the physical location of the service server machines. The servers might or might not be located within the EU.

8. User rights

The right of inspection and correction

Every user can see their own information in the system when logged in and has the capability to change the information. All registered users have the right to request to see all the data related to the user. Any requests of inspection must be submitted in the written form with signatures to the contact information given in section 1.

If there are any errors in the information the user can request correction.

9. Protection principles

A. Physical material

No physical material is kept

B. Digital material

The access to the system controlling the user information is only allowed by those employees who need to do it based on their employment tasks. The data is stored in databases in cloud services, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means.