Flight logger

Cloud based flight log keeps your flight records up to date and safe.

Organization flight equipment is available for logging for any pilot who is using the organization services in the system. The logged flights are automatically integrated into the organization invoicing system and statistics for the organization and the pilot.

The flight log is free to all pilots. You are not required to be a member or customer of an organization using the system to use the flight log.

For organizations the data provided by pilots logging their flights with organization equipment automatically produces information about equipment utilization rate and per-plane statistics of flight hours and takeoffs.

All data in the flight log can be exported in CSV-format, which can then be processed for example with software like Microsoft Excel.

Automatic invoicing and accounts receivables

All invoicing to customers and members can be handled with the system.

The automatic invoicing system creates and sends invoices to pilots, who have logged flights with organization equipment. Invoices are created based on multiple parameters such as flight time, aircraft pricing, pilot discounts like season passes, glider tows, and more.

Every created invoice has a unique reference number, which is used to track invoices and to identify each payment. Invoices are emailed to recipients and are also stored for each user in the system.

Invoices have full VAT support.

The automatic invoicing system decreases the workload related to flight invoicing in any organization.


The e-commerce option allows an organization to sell other than flight products to its members and customers. The organization admin manages the products and when a pilot purchases a product, he will receive an invoice from the products bought.

The e-commerce option also allows the organization to offer products that affect flight pricing. These products can be, for example, season passes, limited-time discounts, or prepayments.

Reservation calendar

Are you tired of handling your reservations by phone and email? No worry, with the reservation calendar you can handle all of these details with few simple clicks.

The reservation calendar is an optional paid addon in the system, which an organization administrator can activate.

For pilots, the reservation calendar is displayed as a daily view showing all the reservable aircraft as rows and the hours of a day as columns. A reservation is made simply by clicking on the grid the desired plane and time. The reservations made by other pilots are displayed with distinct color coding for quick visual interpretation.

Statistics and reports

The system will automatically generate yearly statistics for pilots of all their flight logs. The statistics display flight times and landing counts for each flown plane separately and yearly totals.

Flight organizations have tools to generate statistics for any time period from flights logged with organization equipment. Data export is available in CSV format.

In addition to statistics the system also offers full flight logs of the organization and logs of each plane separately. This makes it easy to follow the usage of planes and to compare easily between different time periods.

Always On

Cloud based web software is always on and can be used anywhere with an internet connection – from the comfort of your office to the hangar.

The application is completely web based so there is no software to install or maintain.

Choose your device

Cavokapp.com is built as a modern web application, that works across all platforms and devices that have a regular browser. That is why you can use Cavokapp.com with smart phones, tablets and full desktop computers.

For optimized user experience we recommend that organization admin tasks are used with larger screens than smart phones, but it is entirely up to your own preference.


Cavokapp.com is a flight organization management and invoicing application and a free online logbook for pilots. A flight organization can be, for example, a flight community, club, pilot training company, plane co-ownership - non-commercial or commercial. The goal is to help flight organizations to be more effective by offering a comprehensive software solution to help with daily operations and administrative tasks.

Any pilot can use the logbook functionality of Cavokapp.com for free, but most of the features are aimed at flight organizations and pilots using the services of those organizations.

The idea for Cavokapp.com was sparked in spring 2013, when I was a member of the board in the local flight club, Oulun Ilmailukerho / Oulu Flying Club. One of my responsibilities then was to handle all the invoicing of the club and to make sure that all flights and glider tows with club equipment were paid for. I began to develop an automatic invoicing and accounts receivable system to ease my workload with the invoicing and the workload of our club treasurer. The goal was to automate much of the routine daily work so that we could focus on what really mattered: flying

Since then, Cavokapp.com has improved from a pure invoicing system to the direction of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system with features like e-Commerce, statistics, and reservation calendar. The development continues, and the goal is to create Cavokapp.com as the best system for flight organizations, big or small.

Cavok Owner
Lasse Haverinen
email: info@cavokapp.com

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